Steve Cline

for Boyle County Magistrate - 5th District

Boyle County is HOME. I was born in the 5th district, I was raised here, and (other than a stint out of the area for work) I have spent my life here. My parents spent all of their married life here in Boyle County and are now buried here. I'm third-generation Boyle County. My life is here. This is the only place I want to be. I believe in Boyle County. I believe that we, as citizens of the Fifth Magisterial District, should strive to continue to improve where we live. Working together, I know we will.

Many people don't know what district they live in or who their representative is on the Boyle County Fiscal Court. I want to be sure that the residents of the 5th District know their Magistrate and feel comfortable talking about their concerns. We all want to be heard, to be represented, and to have a say in the way our local government is run and how our tax dollars are spent. That is my goal for all of us who live in the 5th District.

This is why I am running for office. It's not an easy job to run for office, and I'm sure that being a good Magistrate will be even harder. I'm not afraid of hard work. I never have been. I have worked hard my whole life and I don't know how to do things halfway.

I took an early retirement from my job at LSC Communications (formerly RR Donnlley), so I could run for this office and serve my neighbors. I'M ALL IN.

I'll bring hard-working, Blue Collar Common Sense to Fiscal Court for all of us. Together, we can make the changes we want to see in Boyle County.

Please vote on November 6, 2018. I would appreciate your support.

I look forward to serving you!


Are You In My District?

There are four voting precincts in the 5th Magisterial District. Those precincts are E101, E102, E103, and E104. If you aren't sure which voting district is yours, you can look it at the maps below to see if your live inside the 5th District. (Find WHERE to vote HERE.)

Precinct E101

Boyle County KY District 5 Precinct E101

Precinct E102

Boyle County KY District 5 Precinct E102

Precinct E103

Boyle County KY District 5 Precinct E103

Precinct E104

Boyle County KY District 5 Precinct E104
  • Mike Leake
    Common sense does not seem to be so common these days, especially when it comes to our county government spending "Our" money frivolously.  Steve is a "Blue Collar" person, who will help bring some sanity to the Boyle County Fiscal Court.  Steve is also committed to being a true representative of the residents of Boyle County's Fifth Magisterial district and will listen to and act on your concerns.  These are reasons that I support Steve's candidacy for Magistrate of the Boyle County 5th District and request your vote for him on November 6th.
    Mike Leake
  • Hugh Coomer
    I am endorsing Steve Cline, candidate for Boyle County Magistrate. I have known Steve and his family for several generations. I have known him to be dependable and hard-working, while demonstrating a common sense approach. I believe that he will be cognizant of the needs and will of his constituents while keeping the best interests of Danville first. Please join me in supporting Steve Cline as the "common sense" candidate.
    Hugh Coomer
  • David Chenault Jr.
    Steve and I have been friends for many years. He is honest, reliable, truthful and he cares for the people in our community. He volunteers at the gathering place helping to deliver meals to the homebound people for the meals on wheels program. He takes an interest in listening to all of the people in our community. Vote for Steve Cline for Boyle County Magistrate in the 5th District
    David Chenault Jr.
  • Susan Shear
    Danville native Steve Cline is my choice for 5th District Magistrate of the Boyle County Fiscal Court. Having worked for RR Donnelley for 28 years, Steve now wishes to serve the people of Boyle County on a full-time basis.  With his strong work ethic and conservative values, he will provide careful oversight of our tax dollars.  Steve is already knocking on doors in the 5th District.  When you talk with him, you will see that he is a down-to-earth candidate who will bring a voice of common sense to our fiscal court.  I hope you will join me in voting for Steve Cline on November 6!
    Susan Shear
  • Vi Wilmot
    Steve Cline is a candidate for Magistrate of the 5th District. Steve truly has the best interest of the community and its residents in mind. He is caring, dependable and a man of his word. I can't think of a better person to serve as our Magistrate.
    Vi Wilmot
  • George Coomer
    Steve is a little older than I am, but I have known him and his family since my childhood, living across the street on Alta Avenue. Steve’s campaign slogan “Blue Collar, Common Sense” fits him to a T. He will make a great Magistrate, he is what his District deserves.
    George Coomer
  • Angela Allen
    Steve Cline works hard for Boyle County, and does it with a smile and with dedication that is unmatched. I have seen him work in this campaign, tirelessly knocking on doors in order to talk to the people he will represent in our local government. I have seen him attending meetings, volunteering and generally being a good neighbor to everyone he meets. I am confident that his life-long work ethic will flourish as he takes his seat on the Fiscal Court. He will bring a new "common sense" approach to Boyle County's government and the Blue-Collar work ethic it needs!
    Angela Allen
  • Steve Knight
    Steve Cline will be a valuable asset for the working men and women of Boyle County's 5th District. A lifelong resident of the fifth district, Steve shares his neighbors' values, knows the neighborhoods, understands the District's strengths and can identify areas where he can make a difference serving his friends and neighbors in the courthouse. I know Steve Cline will be the hardest working magistrate the fifth district has ever had and I hope you will join me in supporting him with your vote this November.
    Steve Knight
  • Tom Ellis
    Steve Cline will bring forth his unique background of working for decades with Boyle County's diverse citizen population. Few individuals could match the broad range of talents and human understanding Steve brings to the table. Danville and Boyle County residents will find him to be a strong guardian of their tax dollars, intent on equity and deliberate in his decisions on our all-important Fiscal Court.
    Tom Ellis
  • Howard Hunt
    I ask for you to support and vote for Stephen Cline a recently retired employee of LSC Communications (formerly R.R. Donnelley) who left the corporate world early to serve the people of the Fifth Magisterial District to the Boyle County Fiscal Court. Stephen’s candidacy is exciting because I can feel his genuine enthusiasm to represent all the residents of the 5th District. I know Stephen as a caring and giving person who has demonstrated his service to his community by providing time and resources to enhance many local and national charities. I have found Stephen to be very interested in hearing from all the people of the 5th District to better connect them with what is important before the Fiscal Court. Stephen Cline will effectively represent the people of the 5th District with his “BLUE COLLAR approach to COMMON SENSE”.
    Howard Hunt

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